Introducing Serrah’s Place

Serrah (pronounced like “Sarah”) is an enlightened being who I had the pleasure of knowing for the last 10 months of her life. She was being fostered by a family that I work with through my petsitting business, Doctor Poppins. Before she was with this family, she was with an elderly lady who had severe … Continue reading Introducing Serrah’s Place

When Your Mate is a Sociopath

The Myers-Briggs is a personality survey that classifies people into 16 different types; the first main division is that of introverts vs extroverts. Being an introvert, I was curious as to what else this survey might say about me, so I took a free online test at Although it is fairly common to be … Continue reading When Your Mate is a Sociopath

Is Your Spouse A Narcissist? Take This Test

I’m being guided to continue writing about the Empath-Narcissist dynamic. Welcome to the second installment of this series. Many of us are intimately involved in the Empath-Narcissistic dynamic as a type of spiritual shadow work. Some are actually married to narcissists without being aware of it. Check this list of types of narcissists to see … Continue reading Is Your Spouse A Narcissist? Take This Test