Is Your Spouse A Narcissist? Take This Test

I’m being guided to continue writing about the Empath-Narcissist dynamic. Welcome to the second installment of this series. Many of us are intimately involved in the Empath-Narcissistic dynamic as a type of spiritual shadow work. Some are actually married to narcissists without being aware of it. Check this list of types of narcissists to see … Continue reading Is Your Spouse A Narcissist? Take This Test

When Doctors Get Sued

On August 25, 2006, a baby girl was born.  I became intimately involved in her life in a way that would lead me to write this story, which I hope will change some minds and ultimately some lives for the better.As a busy Obstetrician/Gynecologist, I arrived early at work that day.  With some 15 patients … Continue reading When Doctors Get Sued

Get All the Love Drug You Want for Free!!

No, I'm not talking about ecstasy, cocaine, some designer drug, or even cannabis.  I'm talking about Oxytocin, a hormone that we all have, that has been called the hormone of love and bonding. A powerful chemical that causes uterine contractions, oxytocin is typically known for being produced in high quantities during the labor and birth … Continue reading Get All the Love Drug You Want for Free!!

Change Your Life in 3 Breaths!!

You may be suffering from this easily correctable condition! There is a condition that affects millions of people, yet most doctors have never even heard of it.  Chronic Hyperventilation affects nearly all of us at one time or another, and can be responsible for many health problems, such as asthma, high blood pressure, anxiety, and pain. … Continue reading Change Your Life in 3 Breaths!!